About us

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Shad Gates  

Founder of Avant Garde Wood Floors

Established 2010

Shad Gates, his wife Kristin and their two children (Asher and Maia) live in Gig Harbor, WA.


It all started when...

At age 9, Shad spent a summer watching a master craftsman build a set of custom cabinets for a home his family was moving into, and ever since that time, he has had a particular appreciation for all things wood. In 1998, he graduated from Lake Washington Tech with a degree in Architectural Drafting and then from the University of Washington with a degree in Construction Management. His love for design and building is in the details and particularly the beauty and color in natural materials.

In 2001 a start up reclaimed wood shop in McMinnville, Oregon hired Shad to do sales and marketing which introduced him to a whole new world of specialty wood that told a story. He says, “People are drawn to any material that exudes it’s own history and is one of a kind.” A new passion for unique wood materials in design sparked from this opportunity and has only grown over time.

After 9 years of working in the specialty wood supply business, Avant Garde Wood Floors was formed to supply a wide range of hardwood flooring materials to discerning builders, installers, designers and their clients all over the United States. The thing these clients most have in common is that they want something special for their wood floor. Not just the common materials you find in any flooring shop in town. This is what we do best!

Living in the Northwest, Shad has a deep appreciation for healthy forests and he chooses his materials with forest stewardship as a priority. Please feel free to inquire for more details on healthy forestry practices, healthy indoor air quality, sustainable materials and LEED building certifications.