The veneer or face of the engineered floor is mostly white oak that is sourced from France and Germany, there are also other species of wood that are used to make the face of the floor as well. The reason the white oak face wood is sourced from this region in Europe is because it known for having a high level of Tannins in the soil.  These Tannins are absorbed by the white oak trees and make the reactive staining process able to react properly with the wood in the face or veneer. The white oak is all harvested from these forests with selected harvesting in mind. These white oak trees are considered slow growth trees which means the graining structure is much tighter making them accept the reactive treatments more efficiently.  

All reactive processes are applied with distilled water and then all owed to dry in a controlled environment to stop the reactive processes at the appropriate time before the next process in the finishing can be complete. The main reason for this is to keep the moisture content in the wood around 7% with only a 1-2% variance all throughout the manufacturing process.

70% of the products Valencia carries are produced by using 2-5 reactive treatments that are Klumpp Coatings. Klumpp Coatings manufactures 12 different reactive stains pronouncing the natural variations in wood and changing the overall appearance of the face (veneer) of the engineered product.


French / European Oak


3-Ply Engineered, Hevea Core, Pine back


Glue, Nail, Staple, Float


9/16” (14.2 mm) x 9.5” (240 mm) Wide


96” (RL) – 80% Full Length Boards  


Stairnose, Reducer, and T-molds available


Residential- 25 Year Finish / Lifetime Structural 

Commercial- 5 Year Finish / Lifetime Structural